3 days in Copenhagen

Just before christmas, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Copenhagen- to explore a new city & enjoy Denmark’s festivity. Here are the key places that stood out for us, that I would recommend to anyone wanting to visit the city.

1.- The Tivoli Gardens

This really was the most beautiful experience, with lovely restaurants, unique christmas stalls, nostalgic rides and Copenhagen’s famous ‘glog’ (very similar to mulled wine), it is impossible not to feel festive! The lights were incredible,  it felt as though I was part of a fairy-tale.


2.- Torvenhalle

The most AMAZING food market I have ever experienced. If you arrive hungry, you will definitely spend a fortune. It had a lovely atmosphere, with incredible coffee bars and food stalls. This was a perfect way to spend a saturday morning and get to know Danish food.


3.- Neighbourhood

This was certainly my favourite meal of the trip, serving potentially the worlds best organic pizza and cocktails. I cannot fault this even if I tried.


4. Mikkeller Bar & Brewery

Mikkeller Bar is the perfect place to go for a beer. It had a really nice, intimate atmosphere with around 25 beers on draft (Cameron loved it). They serve all their beers in wine glasses, which I thought was a nice touch- I definitely didn’t feel too manly drinking my ‘american dream’ beer out of a wine glass.


5. The Botanical Gardens

This is typically known for its extensive complex of historical greenhouses, complimented by beautiful grounds to explore. This was a really lovely part of the trip as it was something neither of us have experienced in the UK.


6. Nyhavn

And finally, you cannot go to Copenhagen without visiting the classic town of Nyhavn. We walked here from the city centre, which only took about half an hour. There were lovely shops, cosy restaurants and lots of traditional Danish culture. We then visited the infamous ‘Little Mermaid’; it was quite an adventure finding her from the harbour town, but we saw some lovely sites along the way.


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