A visit to Edelman New York

UnknownNever did I ever imagine myself inside Edelman New York, asking questions on digital communication and life in PR. It was an inspiring day that I will never forget. In fact, I never imagined myself venturing half way across the world to visit New York city, without the company of my wonderful mother or boyfriend- a very small PR student visiting the ultimate city of New York, this was a real test of independence! New York had always been top of my bucket list, a place I have always dreamt of visiting. And yes, it lived up to my expectations and more.

Two weeks ago, a small group of London College of Communication’s PR students visited New York city (the home of PR) and I left feeling extremely inspired, refreshed and motivated. The highlight for me, was visiting Edelman’s office in New York. Edelman is a leading global communications marketing firm, the office in New York is home to 800 communicators specialising in consumer marketing, corporate and public affairs, digital engagement, health and science communications, financial communications, sports and entertainment marketing and research. I thought I would share the key points that I learnt from my day at Edelman.

  1. PR is changing – there is a continued disruption of the traditional communication functions. Although the traditional values of communication and quality of writing are still essential, creativity and digital competency is now just as important. Edelman now call themselves a ‘communications marketing’ agency,  demonstrating how PR firms are becoming increasingly multi-functional, having to compete with Ad agencies and becoming integrated/marketing/comms rather than just PR firms. They spoke about how the company is now hiring people not just from PR backgrounds but also from lots of different disciplines such as, Engineering, Graphic Design, English Literature and History graduates, to bring as much diversity to the agency as possible. This reiterated the importance, to stay open-minded as a PR student and to have as many skills as possible to bring to the interview table.
  2. Agency > In house PR – I have always been more attracted to the idea of working in-house for a company or brand that I am passionate about, to work with a small, creative team of like-minded individuals. However, Edelman changed this mindset of mine and I left feeling utterly inspired and passionate to work for an agency such as Edelman. The company seemed to have such a positive team spirit and the diversity and differentiation of day to day activities, proved very exciting and attractive. Working for a global agency also opens up lots of opportunities to travel within the job, which is an amazing opportunity when working as a PR. I got such a positive feel from the agency, it is definitely an environment I aspire to work in.
  3. Edelman has possibly one of the best views of New York… 


I feel very privileged to have been given such a wonderful insight into New York’s leading PR firm. I would like to thank my course leader, Adrian Crookes, for organising the day and Edelman, for such an inspiring experience and making us feel so welcome.


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